Send Foods


The peak of self-isolation is over (for now), but I’d like to share a few pictures of the food I’ve been stuffing my face with over the past several weeks. I have cooked every meal for almost 9 weeks.

Every “meal,” I should say — can three pieces of toast really be called a meal? Certainly not a balanced one.

Besides that, the pictures you’re about to see are not Instagram quality, so don’t expect much. But maybe they’ll help you feel a little bit closer to me.

At any rate and without further ado:

Toast – mayonnaise (yeah, I know), a fried egg, and green onion


Toast but French – featuring roasted chestnuts and chocolate syrup


Miso Soup with Rice


Oh God More Toast – with olive oil, mozzarella, pepper rings, and spinach


(too much) Spam, Egg and Rice


Pasta – alfredo sauce and garlic parmesan chicken


Japanese Pasta – I bought the sauce at the supermarket and it came with seaweed


Tuna Poke, which I accidentally updated at 12x the size of everything else


Final Toast – literally just Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup on buttered toast


Yikes, my body probably needs some more veggies :’)

Oh, and one last thing!

As you know, I haven’t posted a lot since October. It’s not like I’m having less fun, or anything like that, so don’t worry. I just haven’t done anything super “Japan,” so I don’t know how interesting the updates would be.

If you’d like more posts, please leave me a question in the comments, and I’ll write something for you! Maybe in answering, I’ll be inspired.

3 thoughts on “Send Foods

  1. Hey Ali! Yourposts dont need to be JAPAN like, i would just like to hear about you, your thoughts on your life there, everyday stuff that you may be thinking, or decisions you make, like 6 more monthsin Japan… I would just love updates on you and whats new. Thats all, short posts are ok too, unless its a pain to do so…

    Love and miss you…

    Uncle Manny


  2. Ali it’s so good to hear from you but pls don’t feel like you have to be entertaining. You’re a great writer and I enjoy reading whatever – whenever you share. I loved seeing pics of your food! I love to cook and love watching cooking shows so I’m always interested in what others are making (and eating). Have you ever watched the Great British Baking show? Uncle manny hates it but it’s one of my guilty pleasures 😬 glad your lockdown is easing…. ours is too. I’m really looking forward to things getting back to normal! Stay safe and keep in touch. Love ya!!!! Aunt Sherry


  3. Hey! This is like international food parade! Although some look familiar and unfamiliar, at least you can cook now. Unlike Tita Baby here who never learn to cook. Glad that you have your Lola and Mom or even Uncle Manny’s passion. So proud of you! In the meantime, enjoy your continuing journey but always be safe. I love you dearly!


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