Small Updates

First, let’s talk about clothes.

Remember how I mentioned that my office is exceptionally conservative? And how it’s really, really, REALLY hot and humid here (maybe I didn’t mention that, but it’s true)?

Well, not to be dramatic, but these two seemingly unrelated factors come together in a recipe for disaster.

I have a fabulous wardrobe. Let’s just put it out there that I have a fabulous wardrobe of super cute and — I thought — professional pieces. Sure, they have small patterns, but they show off my adorable, fun personality.

Ahh, there’s the issue. Work is not the place to show off your personality, you silly American. Please!

So now I am banned from wearing my pretty prints, which leaves me only with white button-downs. But it’s also approximately 75,000°C out there, and we’re only allowed to turn the A/C down to 150°C.

That’s 100% factual. The only people who read this are Americans, so you guys don’t know Celsius anyway, right? So yeah, it’s sweltering.

What is a girl to do? Shopping is, like, always the answer!

(…No, but it’s a good answer this time. Gonna get some nice plain beige short-sleeved tops, a nice plain white short-sleeved top, and maybe a nice plain off-white short-sleeved top.)

Second, I want to continue to discuss the weather.

(Yeah, the weather. You see my new work personality starting to affect my everyday life?)

People are out here like, “Yeah, we’re so glad the rainy season just ended!”

And I’m like, “Oh, word, so it’s time for nice weather?”

And they’re like, “It’s now TYPHOON season :)”

…how ’bout that.

Next, shout out to the lovely locals who used to be my neighbors for a few years back in Marietta.

They took me on a short drive out of Takaoka City to a famous restaurant with beautiful mountain views to sample a local delicacy: sweetfish.

We had it raw, grilled, and fried. Despite its name, it was a little bitter. But super delicious and super fun!

Then we found a cute cafe and finished off the afternoon with cheesecake. Mmm.

Thanks Alice, Leon and Leona for a great Sunday!

Finally, I would like to report a series of small victories.

1. I met one of my neighbors. He’s a local and everything. Yay for branching out of my small circle of fellow foreign English teachers!

2. I got praised at work yesterday. I don’t even remember what I did right, but it felt good at the time.

3. I navigated a Japanese website and signed up for a 10k in Tonami in November.

3b. I found a local park and went for a jog. There were lily pads with pink flowers and koi fish in the pond, and it was quite lovely.

4. Not sure this counts as a “small” victory, but I went to Kanazawa and drank this whole thing (sorry Tita Baby)!


Thanks for reading my blog. It makes me feel less lonely 🙂

14 thoughts on “Small Updates

  1. Love the pics, Ali, keep em coming!! Glad you’re being adventurous and trying all the Japanese seafood! 🤗 And so grateful the Yagi’s are close by! So sweet of them to come see you and take you out!🥰

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  2. Enjoy reading about your adventures in Japan. You are really funny and have a great writing style! Looking forward to more!
    Ps: I’m Carolyne Eith’s Grandmother !

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  3. Great entry Ali! Keep your personality, no matter how hard they try to beat it out of you! Keeping work and play separate is a great idea though, and the Japanese are right for this distinction. Continue to enjoy yourself in your off time and keep exploring! Love and miss you very much, and i second your mom in saying keep the pics coming…

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    1. Dear Ali, you just made my day/nite!! What a great read!! So glad your friends took you out. Glad you got some plain shirts!! Really happy to hear you met your neighbor and especially that they noticed how Great you are, even if youbdon’t Know why!!! Love you so much and miss you every day💕

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  4. Love love love to read your blog! Please keep on going and more pictures! I guess it’s okay to have a big glass 🥃 of beer once in a while, was it beer? Should I send you all the white button-down you left for me? Surely you need them more than I do. Can’t believe they banned you from wearing such a nice outfit??? So is there a uniform, maybe?

    So relieved to know that you have great friends around near you. Please send my appreciation for them.

    As always, take care! Love ❤️ you!

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    1. There’s no official uniform, but the dress code is a little more strict than I anticipated. “Professional prints only” is a little vague, right? I’ve got the formula down now though haha. Also: Yes, it’s beer!


  5. Do they believe in “Fan Death” there? The myth that a fan blowing on you will kill you. It’s prevalent in parts of central Europe.


    1. I…am not sure. I haven’t heard about this, though. I think it’s just about conserving power. Ever since about 2005, the country has been trying to reduce energy consumption via air conditioners through a “Cool Biz” policy, which allows office workers to dress more casually (i.e. short sleeves and no suit jackets) so that they can keep it warmer in the workplace. I need to keep in mind that my suffering is for a good cause 😦


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