Georgia Cafe

This is just a quick blurb.

I found a brand of canned coffee that’s named after my home state! It hasn’t been long enough for me to feel homesick, but it was still nice to see something familiar in the convenience stores, between all the ひらがな and カタカナ.

The brand is sold by The Coca-Cola Company, and it’s called Georgia because Coke and I share that as a home state. Originally, it was just sold in Japan (where it actually sells better than Coke soda), but you can find it in the United States now…but only in Asian Markets.

(This was basically a summary of this Wikipedia page.)

I got unreasonably excited when I noticed this was in all the vending machines. I bought one and showed it off to all my fellow trainers. “Hey, look! Georgia. That’s where I’m from. This is me.”

It just goes to show that there’s no point in asking questions like “What are you most looking forward to in Japan?” or “What do you think you’re going to miss most?” You won’t know until you’re there.

I promise I never would’ve guessed that I would’ve been sad to see the words NAGOYA replace ATLANTA after less than a week. And I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that seeing the word GEORGIA would warm my heart like it did.

5 thoughts on “Georgia Cafe

  1. Aww. ” Georgia ” drink? Awesome! Maybe I should start looking for this at Oriental stores here!

    Great article Ali! Send some pictures too. Please. Love you !

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    1. Will look for that Georgia cafe. Always good to hear from you. Having bkft in French Cafe. Always read your text while we have our cafe. Miss you already, only a week , right!!💕

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  2. It is nice to see something familiar when you are so far away! It is nice that you will have that to comfort you from time to time…hopefully it tastes good! Keep the posts coming… when I read your blog, I can hear your voice saying the words, and that is comforting to me…

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