Let’s talk about social media mistakes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately because I was recently given the password to a few workplace social media accounts. That means I’m logged into the work accounts on my phone. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tapped the Instagram icon and been confused by the feed. It has been a single week of this, and I’ve already nearly shared the fact that I just voted for One Direction as Artist of the Year for the 2015 AMAs…twice. Close call.

Anyway, I started thinking that this has to happen sometimes. In 2015, everyone has personal accounts, and that includes the people who run social media accounts for clients. There’s no way that everyone can keep it all straight all the time.


And even if a mistake isn’t related to a mix-up of personal and professional accounts, there have to be problems every now and then. What if someone forgets to proofread?



Or say there’s a disgruntled employee or an intern that just doesn’t care?


Suppose the social media specialist thinks s/he has a great idea and doesn’t run it by the rest of the team? Like when someone at Entenmanns didn’t think it was insensitive to piggyback on trending tags during Casey Anthony’s trial.


There are even cases where everyone in the company thinks it through, but it doesn’t sit well with the public. Take, for example, this Clorox Bleach tweet that depicts the iconic bottle with emojis…after the human emojis had just gained a wider variety of flesh tones.


You can delete your tweets in 2 minutes, but you can bet there will be screenshots.


So what do you think…is all publicity good publicity? Or do companies need to be a lot more careful?



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