Who does Google think I am?

Last week I made a post about AdChoices and online interest-based advertising. Today I want to take a look at the profile on which that advertising is based. Yes, I’m going to check out my profile made by Google AdSense.

If you use Google Chrome and go to https://google.com/ads/preferences, you can see yours, too!

It includes their best guess at my interests, age, and gender. Most impressively, it gives a lot of good, clear, concise information about interest-based advertising. There’s a very obvious “Where did these come from?” button under the place where it (accurately) guessed my interests, including Pop Music, Humor, and TV Commercials (ha!). Then it explains that they came from my activity on Google websites, including my YouTube history. (Pop music…all those One Direction music videos I watched. It makes sense…it makes AdSense.)

Anyway, they correctly pegged me as an 18-24 year old female.

I lean more towards “cool” than “creepy.” What about you?

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