The Salvation Army and The Dress

I’m incredibly late discussing this topic, and if I were an advertising medium, it would be far too late to bring it up…But I’m a personal blog, and I wasn’t around when #thedress was trending, so I’m going to go for it.

A few months ago, someone went online to ask social media whether a dress was blue and black or white and gold. Somehow, no one could figure it out. The Salvation Army in South Africa did a controversial campaign against domestic violence, using this infamous dress that broke the internet.

“Why is it so hard to see black and blue / The only illusion is if you think it was her choice.”

Some have said that it was inappropriate to place such an important message on the coat-tails of a silly meme, but it looked like a great public service announcement to me.

This PSA is an excellent example of a message being brought to the public and incorporated into their existing schedule. Awareness campaigns need to find their way out into the world and be seen. There is no better way to do this than to insert the message into something that the target is already actively seeking out.

I recognize that social media is relatively new on the digital marketing field, and there will be a learning curve as brands learn to navigate the shaky waters of public opinion in a world where everyone has a voice. But to me, this ad is at the top of the class.

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