A Personal Favorite: Rip Your Clothes On

Downy Rip Your Clothes On TV Commercial – #RipYourClothesOn
Originally aired on TV during 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This has been my favorite video spot since I saw it as a pre-roll on YouTube in December. It subverts the “sex sells” trope because it’s about emotional intimacy rather than lust. I mean, it’s still a little sexy…but in a different, cute way.

It’s also telling a story. The spot is under a minute, and there are no words, yet I have a good feel for the characters. Young, adorable, newly married (wedding rings) couple in a cool new apartment. Cold out, so they’re taking longer than usual to get ready. Probably coming up on their first Christmas as a family. At some point, it’s just conjecture, but I count it as a win that the ad inspired me to make something up.

The story is sweet, the characters are adorable, and the music sets the right mood. It’s perfect because as soon as you see the tagline (A feeling so soft, you’ll want to rip your clothes on), you get it. You think about the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt, its warmth when it’s fresh out of the dryer. You understand the way they’re playing with the usual “rip your clothes off.” Sold.

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