Grady in NYC: The Agencies

Comprehensive List of the Places We Toured


It was a whirlwind, and I’m still processing it. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Each presentation was as informative as a class at UGA, and I feel way more confident about my (eventual) entry into the workforce. I almost wish I was closer to graduation than just a rising junior!

I received a great deal of information from everyone we met, but here are the main nuggets of advice from each place:

LaForce + Stevens – Be shameless.

PHD – Keep on top of industry information.

Dentsu Aegis network (specifically Carat) – Be agile, ambitious, and innovative.

McGarryBowen – The best solutions can be found by taking on the biggest problems.

Strawberryfrog – Start your own agency.

Nickelodeon – Your major doesn’t matter as much as your passion.

Taxi – Give a shit.

FCB Health – Find your niche, and make yourself indispensable.

Yelp – Work environment is important. Make sure you love the place you spend so much of your time.

Ad Council – Don’t be scared of numbers.

Team Epiphany – Your social media is a way to brand yourself.

The Moderns – Be present.

To synthesize:

There are many paths to success in this industry. If you love it (and you shouldn’t be here if you don’t), do whatever it takes to improve yourself and get to where you want to be.

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