Danger Zone

Something that always interests me when I go abroad is the way people in other countries view America. I've had this post in my drafts since last September, when a student made a comment about having previously wanted to study abroad in the U.S. but eventually settling on Canada instead because "it's safer." At the … Continue reading Danger Zone

Send Foods

Hello! The peak of self-isolation is over (for now), but I'd like to share a few pictures of the food I've been stuffing my face with over the past several weeks. I have cooked every meal for almost 9 weeks. Every "meal," I should say -- can three pieces of toast really be called a … Continue reading Send Foods

Maybe Okay

The thing about living in a foreign country where you don't really speak the same language as everyone else is that you end up speaking your own language with people who don't really speak your language. Let's unpack that. You know how the way you speak is influenced by the people you hang out with? … Continue reading Maybe Okay